Hello fellow hackers!

As usual we thank you for your feedback as it is helping SPARTA become a better tool.

At the moment we are working on a settings menu which will simplify adding new tools and many other configuration tasks. This is a major task and will hopefully be worth the effort.

We are also brainstorming a few features we would like to implement in the future: importing nessus files, reporting, performing actions on several hosts and a couple of others. Any ideas or suggestions about these or others are welcome:



TIP #1:

You can right-click on a host and mark it as ‘checked’. It is then possible to hide all ‘checked’ hosts by using the filters.

This is useful to hide hosts that you don’t want to work and also to ensure that you don’t work on the same host twice.

TIP #2:

The ‘Scripts’ tab holds results from nmap’s NSE scripts. By right-clicking on a port you can then choose ‘run nmap (scripts) on port’ to populate that tab. Running an nmap scan with the -sC option will also populate that tab.

TIP #3:

You can use the ‘Notes’ tab to take notes about each host.


That’s all for now!

Happy hacking! 🙂