We have released a new version of SPARTA which addresses most of the issues reported by the community as well as a few feature requests.

What’s new:

* fixed elixir import issue caused by sqlalchemy Scoped_Session rename
* fixed bug where tool output from automated attacks wasn’t being stored correctly (thx jljansen)
* edited smbenum.sh to allow choosing of a network interface (thx adamziaja)
* added exception handling for missing .qss file (thx AlexJuca)
* imported nmap XML files are now saved to tool output folder (thx mcjon3z)
* nmap output is now also stored in HTML (thx mcjon3z)
* added an “end time” column to the process table (thx ad0nis)


Please note that since some of our changes touched the database structure, project files created with old versions of SPARTA are not supported by this version. Depending on your feedback on this, we’ll choose whether or not it’s worth working on backwards compatibility.

Thanks to all those who contributed! Keep the feedback coming!

Happy hacking!