Hey everyone!

As some may have noticed we have a new logo. Many thanks to Diana Guardão for that. Thanks as well for all the feedback we’ve received so far.

On to the tips.

TIP #1:

You can press SHIFT while right-clicking on a port to display the full menu with all the possible actions.

This was our way of ensuring that you can always run a tool even when nmap wasn’t able to identify the right service (and thus SPARTA doesn’t include actions for that service in the menu).

TIP #2:

By default, when launching a tool on multiple hosts by right-clicking on a service from the Services tab (on the left), the tool will only run on hosts for which it hasn’t already run. This behaviour can be bypassed by pressing SHIFT when right-clicking on the service.

The reason we opted for this default behaviour is best illustrated with an example:

Suppose you are running a staged nmap on an IP range. When the first stage ends, some HTTP services were identified and you run the tool Nikto on every instance by right-clicking on the ‘http’ service in the left Services tab. Now suppose that on a later nmap stage some additional HTTP services were identified and again you want to run Nikto on those new services following the same procedure. SPARTA is smart enough to prevent Nikto from running on the services you previously identified in the first stage and for which you had already ran Nikto. This ensures that when running tools on multiple hosts you never run the same tool on the same IP:port twice.

That’s all folks! Happy hacking!